Shiho Shishido/Shirō

Shirō Anime


Shiro Anime

Kanji紫々戸 獅穂/獅狼
Romaji Shishido Shiho
Gender Female/Male
ActorAya Uchida (Shiho)
Kenichi Miya (Shiro)
Shiho Shishidō is Yōko's childhood friend.


Shirō, an intimidating man with sharp teeth, upon seeing any depiction of The Moon, he transforms into Shiho, a busty, self-proclaimed pervert. A second glimpse of The Moon transforms Shishido back into Shirō.


Shishido has a very perverted or sensual personality. Later on, she realizes that she harbors feelings for Kuromine Asahi, making her more embarrassed towards him.

Shiho is the dominant personality, and is aware of everything that occurs when Shirō is in control of her body.

Shiho is more playful and amorous, deriving enjoyment from being perverse. She often tries to force Yōko into admitting her true feelings towards Asahi, and having a perverted crush on Asahi, and tries to expose herself to him.


Her father is also a wolfman, her mother is only shown in silhouette and is referred to as the "Charismatic Female Pervert."



Shiragami YōkoEdit

She is her childhood friend. She understands Youko's tendencies and is glad that she has friends at school. She is also grateful to Youko for being friends with her when they were children.

Shirō has a crush on Yōko and attempts to discover if Asahi is aware of her secret.

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