Shiragami Youko

Youko Shiragami Anime

Shiragami Youko

Kanji白神 葉子
Romaji Shiragami Yōko
Gender Female
ActorYuu Serizawa

Shiragami Youko (白神 葉子 Shiragami Yōko) is the main female protagonist of the Jitsu wa Watashi wa series.

She is a second-year high school student and the daughter of a human and a vampire, as such making her a half-vampire. Attending a human school under the condition that she keep it a secret, she manages to do so until her secret was exposed to Kuromine Asahi, a classmate, when he caught her unfolding her wings in an empty classroom.


Youko has long green hair and orange eyes. As a vampire, she also possesses long canine teeth and wings. Though she is able to hide her wings, Youko is unable to do so with her fangs, which leads to her constantly hiding her teeth while at school as much as possible.

Youko has a very shapely physique, and is mostly seen in the high school uniform, comprising of a light blue blazer, white blouse (unbuttoned enough to reveal her notable cleavage), a mauve and blue striped tie, along with a matching skirt.


When not hiding her secret, Youko is a very lovable girl to be around. However she's also rather dense, and tends to be baffled by seemingly simple concepts, which frustrates her classmates, especially Asahi, to no end.


Her parents met in high school, so she believed she'd also meet her beloved in the same school. Her imposing father gave her the stipulation that if her secret was discovered, she was to rejoin the family.



Kuromine AsahiEdit

Ever since they became friends, they share a strong and close relationship, both willing to protect each others.

She's, at first, totally oblivious about Asahi's true feelings, and thinks that he's in love with Nagisa, but she eventually falls in love with him, despite the misunderstanding.

On Chapter 86 they began dating. As a couple, they're always flustered whenever they're on a date or alone, but with their relationship growing, they tend to be more at ease with their feelings.

It is hinted that they later got married.

Aizawa NagisaEdit

The straight-laced Class Representative caught Youko with her wings exposed, though inadvertently exposed herself as a miniature alien in the process. Both girls keep each other's true nature a secret, and are rivals for Asahi.

Shiragami GenjiroEdit

Youko's father, who allowed to her to attend the same school he met his future wife, provided no one discover her secret. While Youko, in terms of appearance, greatly resembles her mother, when she was young, she also resembles her father in terms of goofy personality.

Shiragami TokoEdit

Youko's mother, who keeps her towering spouse in check with anti-vampire implements.