Let's Go on a.....Date?
Season 01, Episode 05
I'll confess
Air Date August 3, 2015
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Let's Go on a.....Date? is the 5th episode in the anime series Jitsu wa Watashi wa, which was first released in Japan on August 3, 2015.  


After discovering that UV rays from sunlight cause Yōko's skin to instantly tan, Nagisa decides to train her into dodging sunlight on her route to and from school. Asahi studies up on vampire weaknesses while Nagisa encourages Yōko to do a field test with her new training. On the way, they walk through a shopping arcade, where Asahi tries to protect Yōko from salesmen offering garlic and crosses. However, like sunlight, their effects on Yōko are much less harmful than their depictions in popular fiction: crosses simply make her annoyed and garlic makes her eyes water. After coming across an uncovered bridge, Yōko is about to give up her new daytime route when Asahi asks if she's tried using sunscreen. Yōko ends up using it for the first time the next day at school. The following weekend, Asahi and Yōko go to an amusement park together. Yōko saw it as a chance to get him closer to Nagisa, but Nagisa declined, seeing it as an opportunity to have Yōko go on a date with Asahi. The two of them go through the attractions, including a haunted house where Yōko is scared at first but becomes upset at the actor portraying a blood-sucking vampire. Later that evening, Yōko notes that their outing was similar to the relationship that her own parents had with each other, to the point where they even attended her current school together. Meanwhile, Yōko's father is suspicious of Yōko's new boyfriend, and tasks the werewolf Shiro Shishido with bringing her back home if her secret has been revealed.