Let's Get Sexy!
Season 01, Episode 07
I'll confess
Air Date August 17, 2015
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Let's Get Sexy! is the 7th episode of the anime series Jitsu wa Watashi wa, which fired haired in Japan on August 7, 2015.  


After being relentlessly teased by Shiho's body in school, Asahi begins to projectile-nosebleed while Nagisa starts to get jealous. Asahi runs away to meet with Yōko when the two see a tiny girl with horns walking by them. Soon, Yōko decides to speak directly with the girl who tells Yōko that she is Akane Komoto, related to their homeroom teacher. Akari, the teacher, then shows up to wrangle Akane back to her office, where Asahi and Yōko learn that Akane is actually a thousand year-old devil with real horns and Akari's great-great-grandmother. Akane also claims that it was thanks to her that the various supernatural characters were allowed to transfer into the same class. Despite Akane's attempts to portray herself as an adult, Yōko keeps baiting her into childish reactions with snacks and claims to be the more mature girl. The two girls then decide to have a "sexy" contest in the empty school gym with Shiho acting as the judge while Nagisa starts tracking mysterious demonic energy from her cat-like spacecraft elsewhere in the city. In multiple contests, Yōko and Akane try to one-up each other to prove their sexiness, except Shiho keeps getting the strongest reaction from Asahi. Finally, Yōko challenges Akane to survive eating awful cream puffs that Mikan made earlier. The contest ends with Yōko and Akane blowing up the gym in a large explosion and sending Nagisa's spacecraft flying from the shockwave.