Akari Kōmoto

Akari Kōmoto Anime

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Kanji紅本 明里
Romaji Kōmoto Akari
Gender Female
ActorEmi Nitta

Akari Kōmoto is Asahi's classes' teacher and former delinquent. Akane is her ancestor, and while she does not retain any demonic powers, her previous lifestyle allows her to reign in Akane's misbehavior.

Aware of the various secret students in her class, she attempts to be an authority figure, though she is ashamed at her lack of a romantic life, something she desperately wishes to fix. Often drinking when not working, she becomes the victim of Akane's harassment, though the tables usually turn. She is called Akari-chan by Yōko, who comes to see her as an equal rather than a teacher.






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