Help the Class Rep!
Season 01, Episode 04
I'll confess
Air Date July 27, 2015
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Help the Class Rep! is the 4th episode of the anime series Jitsu wa Watashi wa, which first aired in Japan on July 27, 2015.  


Nagisa begs Asahi for help as her External Unit ran out of battery power before it could recharge and she was forced to come to him in her lilliputian form. Asahi sneaks into the girls' bathroom and carries Nagisa's body down to the nurse's office with Yōko's help. However, on their way out, Mikan stumbles upon the tiny form of the real Nagisa, so Asahi tries to play her off as a life-like figurine. Unfortunately, this only excites Mikan and Shimada (who arrives later) while Nagisa has trouble maintaining a doll-like composure, forcing Asahi to snatch Nagisa back and hide from his friends. After taking shelter in a gym storage shed, Nagisa mysteriously grows to human size and gets embarrassed about revealing her antenna to Asahi while Mikan, Shimada and Yōko all hunt them down. Asahi decides to have the human-sized Nagisa punch him out of the shed and escape, pretending to be angry. A mysterious horned lady magically returns Nagisa to her normal size, while Asahi and Yōko clear up their misunderstanding after school.