Beware of the Wolf Man!
Season 01, Episode 06
I'll confess
Air Date August 10, 2015
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Beware of the Wolf Man! is the 6th episode of the anime series Jitsu wa Watashi wa, which first aired in Japan on August 10, 2015.  


While returning home from the amusement park, Asahi and Yōko encounter a scary wolfman with fangs. Yōko recognizes him as her childhood friend Shiro, but he threatens Asahi anyway. When Shiro sees the moon in the evening sky, he ends up transforming into a sexy lady named Shiho. The three then go to Yōko's home where Shiho explains that she is the dominant personality in the body she shares with Shiro. Shiho then starts teasing Asahi, making Yōko jealous as she reveals that the wolfman can change at any depiction of the moon, including a picture she shows to Shiho. Meanwhile, Nagisa heads to Yōko's home to make a peace offering with her homemade cake, but upon arriving finds Shiho pinning down Asahi and leaves. When she returns a moment later, she sees Shiro in the same position, and flees at the sight. Eventually, the girls clear up the misunderstanding, while Shiho tells Yōko in a private moment that she should be more honest about her relationship with Nagisa. The next day, Shiho appears in Nagisa's class as a transfer student, introducing herself as "a pervert."