Beware Childhood Friends!
Season 01, Episode 03
I'll confess
Air Date July 20, 2015
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Beware Childhood Friends! is the 3rd episode of the Jitsu wa Watashi wa anime series, which first aired in Japan on July 20, 2015.  


Mikan tortures Asahi and his friends for more information about Asahi's meeting in the classroom with Yōko, but he refuses to tell her anything, fearing that she would spread the information around school like she did in the past. Later, Asahi's teacher asks him to deliver homework to Yōko, as she is sick and can't come to school. Mikan decides to follow him, but Nagisa appears to help him off her trail. Asahi decides to stop for a brief visit at Yōko's student apartment, but gets a call from Nagisa that Mikan managed to get past her and run to Yōko's house. Mikan is accidentally knocked unconscious after being buried under a pile of Yōko's junk from the closet, but decides to photoshop a romantic encounter between Asahi and Yōko and threatens to display it throughout the school. Asahi confronts Mikan on the rooftop and begs her not to do it, but the pleading only makes her stronger, so Asahi takes the opposite route and decides to let her put up the pictures, draining her resolve as she didn't want him to feel happy. After school, a spirit residing in Mikan's glasses assumes that she secretly has feelings for Asahi, but Mikan angrily denies this as she twists her own glasses around.